The Most Competitive University
In The Universe

All Will Apply, None Will Get In

UC Hicago News:

Number of applicants exceed world's population

Northwestern Ceases To Exist

Acceptance Rate Drops Below Zero

What Makes UC Hicago the Best University in the Universe?

Here's what.

Free Expression

We greatly encourage freedom of expression on our campus, with the exception of pro-Northwestern speech.

Diversity & Inclusion

UC Hicago is a very diverse university that excludes everyone equally.


Here at UC Hicago, all of our athletes have won at least 3 Olympic gold medals.

The Arts

You must have played the piano before even being born to be considered for admission.


Our library is the #1 library in the world as determined by US News & World Report.

UC Hicago Press

Northwestern Sucks!!!

Our Alumni

Having a degree from UC Hicago guarantees success in life.

Elon Musk

Mark Zuckerberg

Jeff Bezos

Ben Shapiro


We like to have fun here at UC Hicago.

28th January 1851

Annual Northwestern Sucks Day

John Stella

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